OpenX, AdTruth Ink Deal For Mobile Ad Targeting

Wednesday OpenX Software will announce a partnership with device recognition platform company AdTruth to improve on its mobile ad inventory sold through OpenX Market, the company's real time bidding platform. The service becomes available in Q2 2013.

The product allows advertisers to identify targeted audiences on mobile devices through a global real-time bidding exchange across the mobile Web and applications. It also opens possibilities for remarketing to target display ads with the knowledge of what consumers searched for on mobile devices.

The same auction-based concepts around search engine marketing become available for display ad marketing on mobile. It gives search marketers the ability to quickly adapt to other marketing techniques that expand campaigns past search engine marketing.

Aside from better return in investment, it also addresses a "privacy-by-design approach," which provides a layer of anonymity for consumers, according to James Lamberti, vice president and general manager at AdTruth.

Lamberti said the technology, along with cookies, will enable programmatic buying, specifically giving marketers working with mobile campaigns tools like targeting and frequency caps.

"There hasn't been a good approach to identification," Lamberti said. "The cookie isn't working well for technical reasons, and there are lots of issues for companies trying to use Android IDs or Apple IFAs."



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