Small Businesses Turning To Digital, Mobile

MobilePhone-Flowershop-Shutterstock-AThe digital revolution continues for small businesses, as a way for them to compete with their larger counterparts.  

According to a new survey concerning small businesses and technology conducted by AT&T, a full two-thirds of small business owners said they plan to spend as much or more as they did last year on digital marketing initiatives (including Web sites, social media and online advertising), and 71% said they were at least “somewhat” likely to spend more on mobile marketing. 

Despite the rise in other forms of digital communication, 41% of small businesses are using e-mail to reach consumers -- a nearly 25% jump over last year. Nearly a third have adopted mobile-friendly Web sites (those that are viewed more easily on smartphones), and 36% have begun to use LinkedIn as a way to extend awareness of their business (a 16% increase over last year), while Facebook participation declined slightly. Use of Foursquare has also declined slightly on a year-to-year basis. 



“There’s no doubt that U.S. small businesses see incredible value and opportunity in digital marketing, including social media, and are increasing their digital presence as a way to market product and services, increase awareness, and offer enhanced customer support,” Cathy Martin, executive vice president of small business solutions for AT&T, tells Marketing Daily. “With a variety of digital tools at their fingertips, coupled with access from both emerging mobile devices and traditional desktops, small businesses are building new connections without borders, helping level the playing field when compared to their larger counterparts.”

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