Moms More Likely to Share Online, Media and Tech Fav Subjects

Moms are more likely to share online content on social media, according to a new survey of over 200,000 mothers ages 25-54 by ShareThis and Digitas, examining the behaviors of moms across over 120 social channels.


Overall 30% of moms surveyed said they had shared some kind of online content through a social channel in the last month, compared to 10% for social users overall, according to the “Wired for Sharing: Social Moms Study.” What’s more, they’re also more likely to get their content clicked on by other social media users, with 9.5 clicks per piece of shared content -- 8.22% more clicks than content posted by the average user.




In terms of categories, moms are sharing a lot of content about media and brands: in the top three spots, 18% of the content shared is about parenting, 15% is about movies and TV, and 10% is about technology. Meanwhile 6% is about health, 6% about politics, 6% is about electronics shopping, and 6% is about casual games.


Turning to platforms, the most popular social network for sharing is (surprise) Facebook, used by 34% of moms -- but Pinterest is a close second, at 29%. That compares to 56% and 12%, respectively, for the general population.


Back in April I wrote about the 2013 Social Mom Report from, which found that 91% of moms are using social media regularly. The same proportion has used Facebook in the past six months, compared to 80% for the general population. Furthermore, Moms are also more likely to make a purchase based on social media recommendations: 59% of moms surveyed said they bought a product because of a recommendation from a parenting Web site, and 44% said they made a purchase after a friend posted a recommendation or liked a product on a social network. 78% said they follow brands and products on social media to get coupons and discounts, compared to 55% of the general population.


While moms have an obvious affinity for social media, and Pinterest in particular, it’s not always a match made in heaven: recently surveyed 7,000 moms and found 42% of respondents said they suffer from “Pinterest stress,” stemming from anxiety that they can’t live up to the ideal suggested by images of domestic perfection posted on the site.

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