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Press Takes Notice As 'Good Wife' Hits Fan

Unlike those TV shows that annoyingly promote "the episode that changes everything" and then don't deliver, Sunday night's "The Good Wife" really did reboot the series creatively, and has garnered a ton of media coverage accordingly. Critics -- including MediaPost's own Ed Martin, and Alan Sepinwall -- heaped praise on the CBS show, some calling this episode, in which law-firm partners Will and Diane discovered their mentees were taking clients and starting a new law firm, the most memorable one of the show's five seasons.

Interviews with showrunners Michelle and Robert King extended the coverage (did we mention the episode was called "Hitting The Fan"? Love it!)  analyzing the "fallout," as Vulture's Denise Martin writes,  and explaining what comes next: "We will see the benefits — and drawbacks — of having a new work dynamic," writes Sandra Gonzalez.



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