Videology To Integrate Nielsen TV Data For Media Buying, Planning

Looking to gain greater influence over traditional TV media buyers, Videology, the digital advertising network that has been moving into TV’s addressable ad space recently, will integrate Nielsen TV data into its platform for cross-screen planning and buying.

Videology will use data from the Nielsen Cross-Platform Homes Panel and Nielsen TV/Online Fusion for its platform, which can tie TV viewing behaviors across all Nielsen-measured broadcast and cable networks and syndicated programming.  

"This year marks a tipping point in that half of the video advertising placed through our platform will come from television buyers, and half will come through traditional digital channels,” said Scott Ferber, chairman/chief executive officer of Videology.

The company says previous tools allowed advertisers to find TV audiences online. Now, marketers can also find digital audiences on TV, where they can take advantage of the granularity of online audience behavioral data reaching similar consumers on television.

In December, Videology began working with addressable TV ad technology developer Invidi, where Videology uses enhanced audience targeting technologies to deliver specific TV ads to individual TV set-top boxes via Invidi’s technology.

Videology has been delivering TV ads for a number of advertisers -- campaigns that have served about 13 million households out of a potential 40 million homes from cable and satellite TV operators that use Invidi’s addressable TV ad technology.

Videology inventory comes from the two minutes per hour of local TV advertising avails national TV networks give to local operators as part of their distribution agreements.

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  1. Kevin Killion from Stone House Systems, Inc., March 4, 2014 at 10:13 a.m.

    A number of Video Ad Networks (VANs) are not yet reported as a line item in the fusion data, and that includes Videology. Given tha, it will be interesting to see how Videology plans to use this data as it exists today.

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