And The Oscar Goes To American Express, Per Consumers

American Express was the most effective of all brands advertising during the TV broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards, based on a 61.74% increase in the likelihood that consumers would purchase one of its products after seeing the ad. While extremely successful on social media, Samsung only ranked No. 18 in effectiveness among the 20 brands that advertised during the Oscars.

The cost for a thirty-second spot, rumored at between $1.8 million and $1.9 million, should pay off for some brands. Sprint and Lunesta followed closely behind American Express -- with 50.67% and 48.35% increases, respectively, in the likelihood that consumers would buy one of their products, per the BrandAds study.

Cadillac followed with 47.22%; and Chevrolet, 44.21%. About 38,369 consumers participated from across the United States. The participants described how likely they were to purchase a product or service from a brand by choosing one answer from a choice of five.



As for Samsung, due to the high likelihood that consumers would purchase a Samsung product prior to the Oscars, the increase in likelihood to purchase after seeing the Oscars rose only 12.35%. Some 43.2% posted someone on social media about the Oscars. Of those who did post something on social media, 25.7% posted on Facebook; 11.4%, Twitter; other, 4.2%; and LinkedIn, 1.7%.

Some 52.7% of survey participants engaged with a second screen. Of those who did, about 32.4% used a laptop or PC.

Female consumers' increase in likelihood to purchase the advertised products or services was 55.24% greater than that of male consumers.

Overall, the average ad effectiveness was 31.1%. The uptick in likelihood that consumers would purchase advertised products or services was 31.76% greater among consumers under the age of 18, compared with the average increase among consumers 18 and older.

Household income also mattered. The increase in likelihood that consumers would purchase an advertised product or service was 26.59% greater among survey participants with household income between $0 and 50,000, compared with consumers whose household income is greater than $50,000.

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  1. Jean Renard from TRM Inc., March 4, 2014 at 4:52 p.m.

    The data, such as it is, would come as a shock to most, given the hype that Samsung did get. I bet the pizza place is doing booming business now too.

    What that tells marketers is that either: they are getting it all wrong, or that the metrics are not quite tuned to what is really happening out there.
    Did the Samsung folks fail, or were they after another form of response and is that response long term marketing as opposed to immediate return? How then to measure this?

  2. Tom O'Brien from NWPS, March 6, 2014 at 1:24 p.m.

    Link to the BrandAds study? Seems to me like there is a methodology issue here . . .


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