Latinum Connects Major Brands With Hispanics Through Mobile App

Mobile app makers often talk about connecting with a specific audience. Latinum Network has built one to connect with Hispanics. Clorox launched their product Fraganzia on it to reach consumers in their mid-20s through mid-30s. Through it, the brand can send personalized messages, coupons, trials, promotions and samples of free stuff shipped to their home or redeemable in stores.

About 75% to 85% of this market segment uses mobile to engage with the Internet through apps, said James Reyna, sales planning manager of the multicultural Team at Clorox. While most apps use English as the language of choice, consumers can read notifications from this one in Spanish, which Reyna hopes will send a positive message to consumers.

Aside from Clorox, Veo officially launches this week with about 25 brands, such as NBA, Comida Kraft, Daisy Brand, Discovery en Espanol, General Mills Que Rica Vida, H&R Block, Knorr, Nestle, American Family Insurance, McCormick and others.



It gives the more than 90 major brands in Latinum's network access to data allowing them to measure results, generate insights, and re-engage when relevant, as well as click-to-call options through messages in the app. Aside from push notifications, it allow consumers to search for brands promoting products in the app.

So far, Veo continues to generate success for brands testing the app. About 74% of eligible users have accepted a trial and 58% have completed the redemption process since tests began.

Hispanic consumers are more likely to use mobile applications compared with search engines to find information about products, according to BIA/Kelsey. This becomes increasingly important for marketers to know as the country's Hispanic population consumers to grow. California's Department of Finance estimates that by early 2014, the Hispanic population will become the majority for the first time since becoming a state. By 2060, Hispanics will make up 48% of demographics in California.

Think Groupons for special offers and incentives without the cost. David Wellisch, cofounder of the Latinum Network, said brands offer a variety of products for a limited time, based on aggregated consumer opt-in data. Consumers fill out a profile to download the app. "The brand knows the consumer received the product, we can ask them about the experience, and ship another coupon to try it again," he said.

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