Horizon Media, True[X] Get 'Engaged'

Horizon Media and advertising platform true[X] are partnering to introduce an agency buying platform that gives advertisers the ability to plan and buy digital media utilizing engagement metrics instead of impressions.

“Our true[X] engagement unit is the single most viewable ad format in digital media,” said Sean Finnegan, chief strategy officer, true[X], “Through true[X]'s partnership with Horizon Media, advertisers can now transact in the currency of consumer engagement -- which is the end goal of all advertising -- at the speed of programmatic, a revolutionary combination.”

The industry has traditionally had a loose definition of engagement, and its goal has always been to command consumer attention in order to receive a brand message. The definition breaks down, however, because it's centered on the message being "viewable" and not actually viewed, say Horizon executives.

Now, the true[X] definition of an engagement not only guarantees actual consumer (human not bot) attention, but that the advertisers’ messages are viewed. In other words, true[X] is the difference between a message being "viewable" vs. a message being viewed.

Under the deal, Horizon Media will gain first-mover access to true[X]'s true[Exchange], a platform that allows advertisers and agencies to buy consumer engagement programmatically. This exchange platform blends brand and digital performance in real-time and includes viewability scoring.

At the same time, true[X] will provide custom creative for Horizon clients to drive deeper and more relevant interactions with consumers and allows Horizon to source trueX programmatically within an integrated capability. 

"We continue to seek progressive ways to provide the most cost effective digital media activations for our brand partners,” said Ray Romero, VP, digital media activation at Horizon. “Working with true[X] allows us to enhance our viewable offering and provides marketers with a powerful new currency exchange designed around engagements.”

Brand advertisers that currently run on true[X] include Mondelez, Microsoft and American Express. True[X] works with all major media agencies.

Founded in 2007, true[x] is headquartered in Los Angeles and New York, with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Detroit, and Seattle.
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