Google Changes Features In Click-To-Call Mobile Reporting

Google will change the way it reports click-to-call data in AdWords API through reporting in mobile campaigns.

The move, which takes effect in late September, will combine two click types into one. It combines data into one row of reporting that Google calls ClickType = CALL, meaning that marketers will no longer receive data for ClickType = MOBILE_CALL_TRACKING. The change impacts existing mobile click-to-call data and historical performance, per Anash Oommen, Google AdWords API Team.

Earlier in the week, Google introduced Web site call conversion tracking in AdWords, a code snippet that dynamically inserts a Google forwarding number after someone clicks on an AdWords advertisement to better track results.



Advertisers assign values for calls from specific pages on their sites and use Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies to optimize campaigns. The reporting shows the keywords driving calls. Conversions get tracked when someone dials the number or clicks on it from their phone. Google also allows marketers to run unique forwarding numbers for up to 90 days. Marketers can format these numbers to match the Web site designs.

Mobile Web sites have become easier to use, but apps drive the majority of media consumption activity on mobile devices, accounting for approximately seven out of every eight minutes, per comScore. Smartphones have a slightly higher percentage of app activity as compared to browser, at 88% vs. 82% on tablets.

The U.S. Mobile App Report from comScore released this week suggests that the time U.S. consumers spent with media rose 24% in June 2014, compared with the year-ago month -- driven by a surge in mobile app usage, which jumped 5%. Having the ability to track clicks and calls on mobile devices has become essential. Total mobile activity including mobile browser use recently surpassed 60%, with desktop accounting for the remaining 40%.

Some 57% of smartphone users accessed apps daily, compared with 26% of tablet users. About 79% of smartphone users accesses apps at least 26 days in the month, compared with 52% of tablet users, per comScore.

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