Fast-Food Fans Are Online Night Owls

If you're looking to reach the males who are the biggest habitués of quick-serve restaurants, comedy Web sites in the evening hours are among your best bets.

Varick Media Management recently studied the online habits of the typical fast-food target audience, males 18 to 49, by using comScore data to identify the sites that overindex for this audience, using its Real Time Data Provider tool to forecast the online behavior of the audience and then tracking the other sites that they visited over the course of the day, and mapping the behavior to create a profile.

The key findings:

Fast food consumers’ highest volume of impressions come in the evening, when they are mostly gaming, catching up on sports, and tuning into online streaming services such as YouTube or



They index very high for joke, comic and alternative news sites -- sites that show peculiar or even bizarre content, such as strange sunburns, public embarrassments and police altercations.

The same is true for anime sites, with very high usage during the evening of and

They show an exceptionally high incidence of using online gaming and streaming services across nearly every hour of the day. These include shooting, sporting and education games (such as, and

They also use Facebook and OkCupid throughout the day. Many are single and actively seeking companionship.

At the same time, this audience looks for advice on everything from cooking to beauty to personal finance to dating (for example, sites like and

And despite their proclivity for fast food, these consumers are still interested in fitness, weight-loss, and yoga, frequenting sites like and

Overall, their online habits create a profile of people who are young, tech savvy, and seem to be trying to transition to adulthood. 

On one hand, they're spending a lot of time on frivolous pastimes and interests favored by teens; on the other, they are exploring a do-it-yourself lifestyle and looking to the Internet for answers and advice. 

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