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Schick Creates 'Comfortopia' On The Onion

Schick has launched a campaign that leverages its relationship with The Onion for the personal care brand's Xtreme3 razors. Called “Comfortopia,” the effort extends the brand’s “Indisposable Comfort” campaign, whose central message is “Your razor is disposable. Your comfort is not.” 

The “Comfortopia” experience lives on within an interactive video banner that features an affable German guy named Lutz, who asks visitors to select their top three indisposable comforts out of 10 options, ranging from cell phones and coffee, to bacon and sweatpants dress pants. The banner clicks through to a separate immersive microsite in which Lutz encourages people to choose their comforts. 



Visitors can then share their list of three with friends on social media, and enter to win all 10, including a lifetime of bacon, by joining the Xtreme3 community on social sampling site CrowdTap.

As with last year’s “Schick Xtreme Comfort Games” campaign, the new effort -- via Stamford, Conn., and New York-based agency Beeby Clark+Meyler -- puts the advertising platform on a Schick-branded page that includes Onion-esque news, but paid content about comfort. 

Karen Lesh, senior brand manager-Xtreme3 and Hydro disposable razors, tells Marketing Daily that the agency created and scripted the content and worked with The Onion to produce it. “For the Comfort Games we did over deliver on views and impressions, and we are seeing continue increase in engagement and likes. What we are striving for is for people who engage with it to do a quick click and share with friends. We are hoping there's chat value there, so even if the same person doesn't return to the site, they will share their experience.”

The campaign is part of a holistic plan with other elements, such as pricing promotions, coupon offers and a TV spot running through June, as well as point-of-purchase displays around the “Comfortopia” idea.

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