Nestle Nido Targets Bicultural Hispanic Moms On BabyCenter

Nestlé Nido, the early childhood powdered milk brand, has partnered with BabyCenter to increase brand awareness among  bicultural Latina U.S. mothers. 

"As the Hispanic population grows in the U.S., a new generation of Latina moms is emerging," said Priscila Stanton, marketing manager for the brand. While the milk drink is used by Hispanic mothers around the world, Nestlé recognizes that "this new bicultural Latina American mom might need to be introduced" to the product, she says.

To reach and engage these mothers, Nido is sponsoring an English-language Hispanic Families Resource Center on the BabyCenter U.S. site, offering content and advice on culture, health, child rearing and other parenting concerns. 



At the same time, Nido is being promoted to the brand's longtime core audience of Spanish-speaking Latina moms on BabyCenter Español.

In addition, the brand has launched a "Blog de BabyCenter" series of sponsored posts on BabyCenter Español, starting with the topic of dealing with early childhood picky eating. Bloggers include Mayra Elisa Buitrón, Danielly Lara de Acevedo and Victoria Infante, as well as Nido nutritional expert Emily Dauer.

Other elements of the digital campaign began to roll out earlier. Those include sponsorship of the BabyCenter U.S. and Hispanic desktop and mobile sites' Toddler Feeding and Concerns Resource Center, native advertising, email promotions targeted to moms of toddler-age children, and pre-roll advertising across BabyCenter's video library.

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