Millennials, Games, and Brands: How to spend $500,000.

Want to spend half-million or more to get to millennials interested in your brand — for the long term? A brand’s logo in a video game typically costs that much.

Speaking at the MediaPost's Engage: Millennials, says John Ohara, senior vp of strategy for Giant Spoon, says getting a brand's logo on a particular game is an expensive proposition, especially to get attached to the likes of Madden or Nascar game.

This is because brand logos are put into the game itself like Xbox 360 and other console games. “Those will live on in perpetuity,” he says. A marketer also needs to endure a long lead time.

Other less expensive integrations are downloadable brand content, which are built around but not baked into the game itself.

When it comes to targeting veteran gamers, Ohara says: "You don’t want hijack a culture, you don’t want come in with guns blazing." But if you do, then you need to offer key valuable promotions to keep those gamers interested.

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