One-Liner, A Long One: Did You Hear The One About People Waiting For Taxis At CES?

Because so many people come to Las Vegas for the annual CES extravaganza, there are a lot of lines.

We’re talking Disney World lines, minus the entertainment.

Other than a few billboards on the walkways, there is no interactive type of marketing or advertising targeting the many thousands of people waiting in lines.

And at CES, there are lines for everything.

And these lines have many hundreds of people in them.

Started your day at the Las Convention Center and now time to head to the Sands for phase two of your day? Get in line for the shuttle bus. Even the shuttle buses are in lines.

Off the shuttle bus? Get in line to get into the exhibit area.

Taxi lines? Forget about it.

Lines for food, lines for bathrooms, lines for presentations that start an hour later --  CES has lines for everything.

The 150,000 attendees that come to CES know about the lines (at least those that have been here more than once).

The lines are peaceful, but they are long and they are frequent.

The people in these lines are the people who will determine what products that most consumers will have the opportunity to buy over the next year.

Target market, anyone? Looks like no line there.
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