Viacom, Canvs Partner To Interpret Millennials' Language On Social Media

Viacom’s marketing and creative team, Viacom Velocity, on Monday announced a partnership with Canvs, a tech platform that measures and interprets viewer sentiment in language.

Velocity uses a social graph called Echo, which measures the effectiveness of campaigns on social media. Canvs uses an extensive database of language commonly used in social media (and their misspellings) to track 56 different types of emotional reaction to TV shows in real-time, mostly through Nielsen’s social data.

Canvs is oriented toward understanding Millennial-speak through social media — one of the first companies to discover the meaning of words like “bae,” “on fleek,” and the double-meanings of the word “sick.”

The platform claims its analysis is 200% more accurate than traditional sentiment analysis, which only measures three emotions: positive, neutral and negative.

Integrating the two products, the companies hope to expand the measurement capabilities of Canvs by enabling them to track conversations across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr.

The Echo social graph mines data from the five social platforms for insights into how their clients’ social media campaigns are performing.

Millennials make up a lucrative yet hard-to-capture segment that marketers often find themselves pursuing on mobile devices. Marketers will continue to shift a higher percentage of ad dollars into mobile to reach out to Millennials, 71% of whom use social media.

Canvs recently announced the closing of a round of funding valued at $5.6 million, which CEO Jared Feldman said would be used to build out their marketing teams.

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