Kinetic, Fuel Intelligence Link OOH Spending To Social Media Activity

Kinetic Worldwide is teaming with tech and analytic shop Fuel Intelligence to launch the "Social Amplification Score" (SAS) that the firms claim can attribute consumers’ social media interactions directly to out-of-home (OOH) media spend.   

The platform works by using propriety algorithms and software to analyze social media data across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. SAS can be utilized without the need of any hashtag or additional audience action, say agency executives. 

The tool also evaluates the “opportunity to see” on social with an analysis of posters’ followers, creating a more robust capture of OOH impressions.   

Paula Fernandez, Kinetic’s global head of data, tools and analytics, said: “We saw some of our campaigns generating an incredible response on social media, earning huge numbers of additional impressions. We were being asked how to value this amplification, but no tool existed to do so — so we partnered with Fuel Intelligence to build one.”



Previous attempts to measure the social impact of OOH required the use of campaign-specific hashtags — an approach that failed to capture the majority of social sharing. 

One notable discovery is that measuring success is less reliant on product categories or companies themselves, but rather on the engagement of the content. "People do talk about OOH campaigns, they do post the images, and we are now able to track across social networks where they do this, identifying which sites generate the most interaction," says Fernandez.

"Without giving away our 'secret sauce,' bypassing off-the-shelf social listening tools, plus advancements in custom audience tracking and social data access, makes it possible," she adds.

A few CPG brands and media vendors have taken the lead with SAS so far, said Fernandez. They are looking to utilize the platform to see how OOH triggers consumers to share and talk about outdoor campaigns. “As social media budgets begin to rise, we believe our product will further strengthen OOH’s position in the overall social and mobile media mix."


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