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Drawbridge CEO: 'Programmatic Has Led the Charge For Cross-Device'

Street Fight features an interview with Drawbridge founder Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan who discusses the confusion over the meaning and definition of "programmatic," which he says, "has led the charge for cross-device." Sivaramakrishnan tells Annie Melton: "Yes, the simplest synonym for programmatic is automation. For example, when a marketer buys into a Facebook or Google environment in an automated fashion using their API, that’s programmatic. But the real-time bidding ecosystem, wherein targeting is much more precise because it’s an open economy under which targeting capabilities are enacted, is also a programmatic implementation. So there needs to be an understanding, from a marketer’s perspective, that when we say programmatic it does mean automation — but what kind of automation, what type of data and control and transparency do we get against a programmatic strategy?"



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