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Seeking Alpha Uses DMP To Slice Up Its Audience Demos

One of the most coveted demos on Seeking Alpha's site is financial advisers, who make decisions about vast amounts of other people’s money, AdExchanger reports. "Seeking Alpha needed a better way to target them because while one out of three people on Seeking Alpha works in the financial services industry, only a fraction are financial advisers." However, not all of the site's 5 million registered users reveal their profession and third-party behavioral targeting to find users who fit the financial adviser demographic yielded skewed results. The company sought to create lookalike audiences. "After organizing its data and creating segments with its Krux DMP (data management platform) last year, Seeking Alpha created lookalike audiences using its first-party data, giving it more control over how it modeled audiences compared to using a third party. For example, going from a lookalike audience that’s 90% similar to the original segment to an 80% similar audience increases scale but may reduce audience quality. Publishers can pull those levers in the DMP themselves, and in turn communicate that to their advertisers."



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