BitTorrent News Launches at Republican National Convention

BitTorrent will make some news of its own when it begins live streaming its network—BitTorrent News—at the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday.

The network aims to bring an independent voice for breaking real-time information, with plans to initially cover both the Republican National Convention and then the Democratic National Convention.

Earlier this month, BitTorrent appointed former CNN news producer Harrison Bohrman as the channels first news director chartered with building a team of journalists, with changes in sponsorship and media buys on the way.  

Bohrman believes viewers will consume much of the content on mobile devices, giving the new network more creative choices. "You no longer need to be at home to discover the breaking news around the world," he told Media Daily News during an interview last week.



Advertisers and agency partners can expect to see a list of media formats. The programming will not have sponsors at launch, but they will come on board, according to a spokesperson. BitTorrent will look at both traditional sponsorship models and explore new possibilities. The model and format provide an interesting opportunity to break new ground. 

The format for the conventions will focus on live commentary for all developments and speeches, interspersed with guest commentary in real-time on issues raised and issues omitted.

BitTorrent Live will stream between 10 and 12 hours of live coverage daily during the convention, which include wrap-up segments at the end of the day.

Those joining the team include Michael Shure, former chief political correspondent for Al Jazeera America; James Reinl, journalist most recently with Al Jazeera English; Rita Chan, producer most recently with Al Jazeera and Fox News; Alice Anil, documentary filmmaker and journalist, covering policy for Know Bullshit; Justin Robert Young, podcaster, journalist, and comedian; and Doc Stodden, professor of political science.

Following the conventions, election coverage and other news will continued on BitTorrent News. Other content will include worlds of action and alternative sports. Programming will become available on the multichannel app, BitTorrent Live, available on Apple TV and OS X with other platforms being introduced soon.


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