Frustrated Trump Won? Swedish Ad Agency Offering American Creatives Jobs Overseas

OK -- so THAT didn't turn out like, basically, everyone had planned it would. But life goes on and we forge ahead. Helping advertising types do so is Swedish ad agency Round and Round which has launched a job search for American creatives looking to escape America and work abroad. 

The agency has launched a new website, The Great Trump Escape which screams, "You're looking for a new country, we are looking for new talent!" Citing a stat that found one in four Americans said they would leave America if Trump won, the agency seeks English-speaking creatives to work on the agency's international clients. 

The Web site explains: "As a Stockholm based agency with international clients, we are currently looking for native English speaking creatives. So we thought, 'hey, why not give some of those American advertising people a break?' You are, after all, pretty talented. There’s a lot of great work coming out of America!" 



The website touts Sweden as a great place to live and work and what's awesome about working at Round and Round such as, well, their love for round tables at which "everyone can talk to everyone and each person around the table has the opportunity to be heard." 

It has been reported that over 300 people have sent in resumes for gigs with the Swedish agency. 

It's apparently not very difficult to move to Sweden, with requirements including spending five years in the country, avoiding crime and finding a job.

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