InMobi Integrates Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings For Audience Verification

Mobile ad-tech firm InMobi on Tuesday said it will integrate Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR), an industry standard for digital ad measurement.

The feature is available on the ad network and also through private marketplace buys on the InMobi Exchange.

The integration will enable advertisers to measure the demographic composition of the audiences reached via InMobi. Nielsen DAR offers a next-day view of ads online and mobile audiences in a way that’s comparable with Nielsen TV ratings.

The integration will help InMobi’s efforts to create a secure environment for media buys, both on its ad network and the InMobi Exchange programmatic channel. The new integration will enable advertisers to run tags from Nielsen DAR to verify the mobile age and gender of the targeted audiences.

“Audience quality is a huge concern for advertisers,” said Jeff Coon, VP of global alliances at InMobi. “We are committed to providing advertisers with the necessary measurement tools to build confidence in the quality of our audiences.”



Coon told Real-Time Daily that InMobi saw 122% growth in mobile in-app video ad consumption in 2016 as consumers continue to expand both how they rely on mobile and how frequently they use it. "This is the first holiday season in the U.S. where mobile will exceed the Web [desktop] in ecommerce volume. With ad dollars quickly shifting from desktop to mobile, targeting mobile audiences at scale is becoming the norm. Advertisers are expanding their focus on mobile, and will favor the same quality audiences and measurement they rely on today with TV, online, or other media," Coon said.

InMobi has been certified by Nielsen for mobile in-app DAR in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. "Nielsen’s efforts to introduce DAR into a large number of countries outside North America and Europe will immediately help brands expand their advertising into these markets with the confidence that their budgets have been accurately and effectively executed," Coon added.

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