Trillium Software Launches Trillium Precise To Enhance Customer Data

Data solutions provide Trillium Software announced on Wednesday the release of Trillium Precise, a data-as-as-service (DaaS) solution allowing clients to validate and enrich customer and prospect contact information in a single view.

The DaaS solution uses Trillium’s worldwide postal and geocoding data cleansing and enrichment of email, phone, address and IP services. The new DaaS solution also includes attributes like age and gender to round out customer data profiles.

While the DaaS solution can confirm existing customer data, clients can also use the service to add detailed, previously unknown information to profiles. Trillium customers have the opportunity to enhance market segmentation and targeting efforts by identifying online interactions and pointing out potentially fraudulent transactions.

“Accurate customer information in a single, comprehensive and actionable view is a requirement for many organizations for a broad range of use cases including fraud detection, loan assessment, customer service, customer retention, market segmentation, lead generation and targeting cross/upsell opportunities,” stated Keith Kohl, vice president, product management at Trillium Software. "With Trillium Precise, organizations in a broad range of industries, including retail, banking and financial, can reduce customer churn by improving customer service.”



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