4C Launches TV SaaS Product For Media Buying, Measurement

Data science and technology company 4C Insights on Monday launched 4C TV, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite of tools for planning, buying and measurement of TV advertising that aims to look beyond traditional demographics to a more involved understanding of consumers.

Looking at social media engagement, household-level viewing, real-time TV monitoring, 4C TV seeks to further understand how people interact with technology and media.

“In the old days, marketers got to choose where and when their messages were seen, but today’s consumers get to choose with their voice commands, finger taps, mouse clicks, and remote pushes,” stated Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C. “Despite these trends, most marketing technology is still oriented around targeting and retargeting when it should be built to pull consumers in with pre-targeting.”

Six products make up the 4C TV suite:

-- 4C TV Ad: a programmatic TV buying platform that marketers can use on a self-serve basis, which also provides predictive capabilities.



-- 4C TV Analytics: a measurement solution to help analyze drive monetization and protect content.

-- 4C TV Audiences: using historical TV airings, viewership, social media engagement, the platform combines the data to offer audience signals.

-- 4C TV Lift: gives customers an understanding of the impact of their TV advertising.

-- 4C TV Planner: a tool that gives media planners control of data and helps drive strategy for audience buying.

-- 4C TV Sync: provides customers with the ability to compete with second-screen distraction by creating live TV moments paired to digital ads. .

“Digital advertising’s value proposition hinges on its ability to target individuals with rich data about their demographics, behaviors, and purchase paths,” stated Jim Nail, a Forrester principal analyst, in a September 2016 report "TV Planning Goes Data-Driven And Audience-Based."

“While TV is a long way from delivering that level of addressability, advertisers are realizing that applying better data to their traditional TV schedules improves efficiency and effectiveness,” he added.

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