Cox Enterprises Launches Unified Programmatic Platform

Cox Enterprises announced on Wednesday the launch of COMET (Cox Media Technology), a programmatic platform connecting buyers and sellers across various digital channels including desktop, mobile and video.

COMET uses artificial intelligence and anti-fraud technology, which it pairs with data from Cox Automotive, Cox Communications and Cox Media Group.

“COMET’s offerings anticipate the evolving needs and demands of the programmatic marketplace,” stated Scott Siegler, COMET’s president, general manager and SVP of engineering. “In launching this platform, we’re looking to create an ecosystem that supports the transaction of impressions across all advertising channels.”

The new platform provides real-time inventory quality checks for 100% of impressions transacted on the platform. The fraud checks are managed internally and by two outside verification vendors.

Cox is also providing clients with COMET Focal, an offering that simulates buy-side demand and tests the performance of impressions in a live-market scenario. Another feature, COMET Radius, adds missing impression data to impressions lacking in data points.

It is also the main force behind the Cox Innovation Lab, where clients can become more involved in the development process and use Cox business assets, specialized tech and engineering resources to create unique solutions.



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