PowerInbox Launches AdServer To Analyze Ad Performance

PowerInbox launched a new advertising platform on Wednesday that converts traditional email newsletters into buyable and measurable ad space. 

PowerInbox’s AdServer for Email enables publishers to analyze the performance of advertising space in their opt-in newsletters via Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or any other ad server platform. Marketers can now measure the viewership of email-based ads in the same manner they would measure the performance of online ad space.  

Since PowerInbox is platform agnostic, publishers can interact with the company’s technology within their own preferred ad server through pre-built integrations. PowerInbox has also launched its own ad server, developed with email specifically in mind.  

Founded in 2010 and based in Israel, PowerInbox is a dynamic email marketing personalization solution. The company has two main stalwart products: RevenueStripe and DynamicMail.

The first provides predictive content recommendations, while the latter enables marketers to incorporate dynamic content into their email campaigns, meaning email content populates upon open rather than send. Examples of dynamic campaigns could include design elements, such as tickers or animation, as well as data elements, such as geographic or device targeting.



The company most recently announced a $6.5 million investment in March, 2016 after increasing its revenue 200% in 2015. It works with large-name publishing brands, including the NFL, Hearst, CNN and HBO.

PowerInbox says that nine of its publishing partners have signed up in the last quarter to beta test Ad Server for Email, and claims impressions have grown nearly 300% per month.

 “We're very pleased with the ease of using PowerInbox to seamlessly traffic our client's ad tags,” states Blake Hochberger, senior director of media and distribution at Resignation Media. “It allows us transparency into analytics/performance we haven't had before.”

Additional product features of PowerInbox’s AdServer for Email include measurement reports, a single view for campaign analysis and available backfill email ad spots with RevenueStripe inventory once ad server caps have been met.


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