IBM: Watson's New Cognitive Capabilities Help Marketers, Expand Analytics

Marketers can now utilize IBM’s supercomputer to power more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.  

IBM announced new cognitive capabilities for IBM Watson Marketing Insights on Tuesday, expanding its cloud-based marketing analytics platform with added artificial intelligence (A.I.) sourced from its supercomputer Watson.

The new features expand the predictive intelligence capabilities of the platform, helping marketers deliver more targeted campaigns for added relevancy.

IBM Watson Marketing Insights (formerly IBM Predictive Customer Analytics) continuously tracks customer behavior and engagement across business channels, including email, social media, online and in-store visits. Watson can help marketers deliver better performing marketing campaigns by leveraging audience insights to strengthen customer engagement.

"We understand that a customer's journey has many touch points, and our clients want to make this journey seamless," states Maria Winans, CMO of IBM Watson Customer Engagement. "While every customer is different, they all have one thing in common- they are interacting with brands across multiple channels.”

IBM’s new audience insights cognitive feature predicts the way a customer will respond to a campaign before it is ever sent, providing insights into what types of marketing or advertising campaigns might spur a customer to purchase.

The cloud-based solution helps make marketing more personalized by highlighting customer insights and recommended target audiences. Customer insights are viewable via a dashboard that outlines customer attributes, predictive recommendations, context and the reasoning behind suggestions. 

IBM has been continuously weaving its Watson technology into its cloud-based offerings as it rebuilds into a services company. It is prioritizing cloud and artificial intelligence.

IBM is slated to reveal its first-quarter fiscal 2017 earnings after the closing bell on Tuesday. The company has not reported a gain in revenue for the past 17 quarters. 

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