BloomReach Unveils AI-Powered Digital Experience Platform For Content Personalization

BloomReach has been hinting at releasing an artificial intelligence-powered digital experience platform (DXP) for years. On Friday, the company publicly announced it from its Connect NYC customer summit.

The platform uses AI to deliver on real-time personal experiences by leveraging technology from its acquisition of Hippo and integrating an analytics suite to help marketers manage business processes and results.

Kevin Cochrane, CMO at Bloomreach, told Search Marketing Daily that "every Web page you open, every site you go to that runs this platform, will show personalized content."

This merger of content and commerce creates a personalized experience for visitors of in-store kiosks or mobile Web pages and any other device that serves information.

The biggest challenge has been when anonymous Web visitors jump from one device to the next, because they lose the context during their journey.

Historically, BloomReach had provided this type of experience based on product data. It would display an image and description of a black laptop bag. These days, technology can merge digital marketing with digital merchandising, he said.



"Digital markets have become stor tellers, content marketers -- and they're trying to create inspirational experiences on microsites and landing pages to help consumers become more educated people about products and services," he said.

On these microsites are a bunch of video assets, PDF files, social media content, and user-generated content. This database of content is combined with product catalogs and other pieces.

Failing to provide an exceptional experience could tarnish the brand and disappoint the customer to the point she might close the browser and never return.

"These are interesting times," Cochrane said. "During the past couple of years we've seen the merger of content and commerce. The CMO and VP of ecommerce used to run separate functional teams. The people doing the storytelling and those doing customer engagement were separate."

The platform offers three modules: Bloomreach Personalization, Bloomreach Experience, and Bloomreach Organic.

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