Samba TV, SpotX Partner To Enhance Connected TV Audience Segmentation

Samba TV, the provider of audience-based advertising insights, announced a partnership on Thursday with video ad serving platform SpotX to enhance audience targeting and segmentation for video advertisements on the Web, app and connected TV platforms.

SpotX will serve as Samba TV’s primary connected TV ad-serving platform, offering brands the ability to buy connected TV inventory both programmatically and through traditional means.

Samba TV’s data will be available through SpotX’s platform, allowing for the activation of custom TV audience segments, as well as giving advertisers the opportunity to combine TV and digital datasets for deployment across all screens.

Fifty publishers will offer these datasets to potential advertisers at launch.

“Our partnership brings over 2,500 attributes to 200 million connected TV impressions a month, allowing advertisers to address audiences across a very wide range of premium publishers with a combined reach of 35M households,” stated Ashwin Navin, CEO of Samba TV.

Samba TV integrates its content ID technology into millions of smart TVs, which together with set-top-box data offers a comprehensive dataset of real-time viewership numbers and how those numbers inform consumer behavior.



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