Datorama Powers Data Insights With AI

Datorama introduced a layer of artificial intelligence (A.I.) into its Big Data management platform this week to help advertisers optimize their marketing performance.

Datorama Genius has been added to the Marketing Integration Engine, a Datorama product that connects disparate marketing data sources. Streamlining siloed data can lead to increased customer engagement, thanks to more relevant and data-driven marketing.

Based in New York City, Datorama is a Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) data management platform for advertisers and ad agencies. The incorporation of AI into Datorama’s marketing analytics platform automates the insights discovery process across channels, platforms and marketing campaigns.

Since Datorama Genius is machine-learning technology, it will gradually become smarter as more Datorama customers interact with the insights presented. Marketers simply need to highlight their most important KPIs within the platform, and then Datorama automates insights for those specific marketing goals.



The solution analyzes marketing data automatically, enabling marketers to dig deeper into available data and potentially saving time and resources that are usually spent on data analysis. A series of data visualizations and marketing dashboards further help marketers understand what is going on, looking beyond the numbers to view general trends in consumer behavior.  

Datorama most recently unveiled a Salesforce Connector in April for data consolidation, and the company is compatible with other CRM systems including Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM.


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