ON24 Integrates Webinar Engagement Data With CRM Systems

ON24 is setting out to align sales and marketing, launching a new product integration that allows customers to access the company’s webinar engagement data from directly within their CRM system.

Based in San Francisco, ON24 is a webinar and marketing solution software company. Now, marketers and sales professionals can use the company’s webinar engagement metrics to evaluate the overall health of a prospective lead.

ON24 will be rolling out a Prospect Engagement Profile, a data analytics integration that automatically delivers a report on a prospect’s webinar attendance, level of engagement, questions asked, assets downloaded and responses to any polls or surveys. Prospect Engagement Profile will be available across CRM systems, including Salesforce, Act-On and Hubspot.

“The ultimate goal is to continue the conversation,” says Joe Hyland, chief marketing officer at ON24. “It quickly enables someone in sales to get an understanding of all relevant activity details so they can have more relevant follow-up."



The tool allows professionals to look beyond top-of-the-funnel metrics like email opens and clicks to analyze webinar engagement and make smarter decisions when moving a prospect down the funnel.

Hyland says that ON24 gathers 40-50 data points of engagement during any particular webinar, and can evaluate how active viewers are. For example, ON24 can track mouse movement and tell if someone is actively watching the webinar or passively playing it in the background.

“We know what’s someone is doing while they’re consuming content,” says Hyland. “We know if someone is paying attention, if they are answering surveys, or asking questions."

ON24 says the average viewing time of their webinars, taken at an aggregate, is 52 minutes. The average viewing time of an email message, on the other hand, is three seconds.

Email is the most common way to promote a webinar, says Hyland. “But there is something being said about long-form content. To show its value, you need to understand what happened in the webinar and how. 

ON24 provides a proprietary engagement score that evaluates how engaged a viewer is, a score that can be included in marketing automation systems for more powerful segmentation. This tool could also be helpful for account management as well, particular if a company’s webinar attendance is largely composed of an organization’s own clients.

Hyland recommends that companies incorporate as much information as possible into their webinars to maximize engagement. ON24 recommends that companies include product details, customer testimonials, pricing, and follow-up contact details within the webinar module.

“If you don’t provide that info, customers will leave the console to find it,” says Hyland. That’s when you lose them.” 

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