Stun Creative Backs New Commercial Production House

Los Angeles agency Stun Creative is backing a new commercial production house call Convoy Content. 

The new operation is being led by Jared Christensen, Stun’s VP Head of Production. While Christensen is now wearing two hats, the production company operates separately and independently, according to the agency. 

Convoy’s roster of directors includes Fiona McGee, Benoit Gabriel, Joe Grasso, Andrew De Zen, Cameron Gade, Nick Enriquez and Jay Karas.

Here’s just a sampling of the mission-like statement on the firm’s website, which will either have you thirsting for more or cursing my name for wasting your time with this item. You’re welcome if it’s the former and oh well, sorry, if it’s the latter: 

“Traveling together. It’s what our name means. It’s what we do because we’re in this journey to find that perfect place where brands can amplify their voices and find creative expression together.” 

Yeah those “hello world” introductory what-we’re-all-about statements can be a bit tricky. Sometimes you just have to jump right in and get on with it. 

The work on the site looks pretty good though.




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