Lytics Launches Orchestrate, Centralizing Cross-Channel Analytics Into One Platform

Customer data platform Lytics launched a new feature on Wednesday that enables marketers to manage their email marketing, online advertising, and website targeting from a singe source. 

Lytics’ Orchestrate centralizes all of a marketer’s tools into one user interface. Enterprises use an average of 91 marketing cloud services, according to Kleiner Perkins -- a complex marketing stack that creates data siloes across the web, email, online ads, sales, etc. Although many marketing technology vendors have made strides to help marketers unite disparate data sources, work still remains largely siloed.

Lytics’ customers can now manage their cross-channel campaigns and measure their results from one platform instead of being required to log in individually to each tool. Orchestrate provides a bird’s-eye view of a brand’s marketing stack, with all the analytics usually available in each individual solution streamlined into one platform. 



For example, any analytics that an email marketing service provides would also be displayed in Orchestrate.

“Siloes make it hard to create a profile of a person, and that funnels into more relevant marketing,” says Jeff Hardison, vice president of marketing at Lytics. “CDPs connect your data from disparate tools to enrich profiles for more advanced insights. The data is connected, but you still need to log in to every different tool to see a report.”

Hardison says marketers benefit by being able to focus on more strategic initiatives and orchestrate tactics around a larger goal. This means marketers can associate context with analytics, and visualize how a customer falls into the journey.

“Because Lytics already is a neutral hub connecting these tools, it makes sense to orchestrate them,” says Hardison. “Every company is using more than one marketing hub -- you need a CDP that can sit in the middle as a neutral Switzerland."

Lytics’ customers include General Mills, Heineken, Atlassian and The Economist -- all of which use the company’s CDP to deliver more relevant email campaigns.

Lytics can make product recommendations based on a subscriber’s affinity for specific types of content, as well as predicting customers’ channel preference. Marketers can also prioritize certain campaigns over others with a simple drag-and-drop tool.

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