Nielsen Unveils New Product To Measure Advanced Audience Segments

Expanding on its ability to measure more granular viewing on cross-media platforms, Nielsen has started Nielsen Advanced Audience, a suite of new media measuring products for new audience segment-based media buying across linear and digital ecosystems.

Kelly Abcarian, senior vice president, product leadership of Nielsen, stated that while age and gender remain key to the buying and selling of linear TV campaigns, there is a growing need for more granular and targeted data with digital media.

Nielsen Advanced Audience helps advertisers using new audience segments for their media buys -- along with other consumer data, including the 100-plus standardized elements based on credit-card spending habits, in-store consumer goods (FMCG) purchases, and extended psychographic profiles.

Advertisers can optimize campaigns for this backed by Nielsen’s currency measurement.



This move builds on recent industry efforts -- such as Open AP, a consortium of TV media companies looking to standardize new audience segments --  to compete with digital media.

Those groups includes 21st Century Fox, Viacom, WarnerMedia’s Turner, NBCUniversal, and Univision -- companies representing 50% of total TV inventory across national broadcast and cable entertainment.

The new Nielsen effort works with two other products: Nielsen Advanced Audience Posting Solution and Enterprise Audience API (application programming interface) launched earlier this year.

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