Thrive Market Searches For Lifetime Value

Thrive Senior Marketing Manager Killian Aubert explains how he is focusing increasingly on using lower-funnel channels to increase customer lifetime value (LTV). At the same time, DTCs like Thrive have to accommodate an online environment where Amazon touches all aspects of search and sales.

Since 2015, search has helped Thrive create a conscious consumption brand. "Data and search help not just acquisition but it also helps the product team, the merchandising team and our LTV," he says. The membership model offers an annual membership of $60  and 20 to 50% off beauty and food products. The company is currently "scaling a lot," he added. Thrive has 500K members to date.

"Search helps us because of our positioning. Paid shopping makes perfect sense. We're cheaper than most of the competition," Aubert said, allowing the brand to achieve a "giant reach right off the bat. It's relatively cheap. We got a massive impression reach. To align search and shopping together, it fits some really big real estate."

And while it is easy to look for volume, to look at traditional performance marketing KPIs, Aubert says Thrive wants to create LTV through search. "It's what we're really trying to do," he said. "Part of our success is focusing on our product team, maintaining our core focus."

He outlined three key takeaways:

  • Strategy alignment, keywords and bid strategy in front of our target audience.
  • Dedicated team from marketing, analytics and product.
  • Get rid of false-positive signals.
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