Google Rolls Out New Features To Aid Local Marketing Campaigns

Marketers can expect to hear more about responsive search ads (RSAs) and local campaigns next week, along with Smart Shopping Campaigns and Maximize Lift for YouTube.

Responsive search ads automate the creative process by mixing and matching assets to form the best messages and campaigns. Since the launch last year, Google has added reporting and feedback tools to RSA.

Beginning this week, marketers can create and edit RSAs directly from the app.

Some advertisers that have added RSA to their ad groups are seeing up to 10% more clicks per campaign.

In addition to responsive ads and local campaigns, Google teased several other announcements in a blog post published Thursday, such as Smart Shopping Campaigns, and Maximize Lift for YouTube.

Making the most of mobile apps means incorporating recommendations and notifications into campaigns. Google will soon roll out recommendations and notifications to enable marketers to add new or negative keywords, pause poorly performing keywords and opt into all smart-bidding strategies.

Marketers will receive notifications on their mobile app to identify new opportunities to improve the campaign’s performance.

Local campaigns, designed to help marketers drive foot traffic from online into physical stores, will expand to support other local business goals such as getting directions that don’t require store visit measurements. Campaign types will support search, YouTube, Maps, websites and apps.

Earlier adopters are seeing results. About 10 advertisers across several verticals found that local campaigns helped brands drive a median five-times incremental return-on-ad-spend from their business locations.

Dunkin’, for example, uses local campaigns to promote its new store-of-the-future experience and to highlight new beverages such as espresso. The company has increased its monthly visits from Google Ads by more than 400% and plans to run local campaigns as an always-on strategy throughout 2019.

Marketers also can expect new advertising inventory in Google Maps for such campaigns. Local ads, product-specific information and offers may appear when users plan or navigate along a route, based on what a person may have viewed or searched for in the past.

There there’s maximize lift for YouTube, which optimizes performance of YouTube ads for brand lift. It measures the direct impact of YouTube ads on perceptions of a brand.

In the past, Google has offered ways for marketers to optimize campaigns for metrics like views and impressions. With maximize lift, advertisers can tune ad campaigns to drive brand awareness, ad recall, consideration and favorability.

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