Marvel Contest Of Champions Reels In The Fans

The Challenge

With the hype around Marvel movies reaching a state of unparalleled anticipation, 2018 was a key year for Kabam as the company aspired to expand mainstream awareness and association with these films for its game Marvel Contest of Champions, especially in light of the game's successful third year of service. 

The Execution

To help capitalize on the then-upcoming launches of "Black Panther" and "Avengers: Infinity War," Kabam worked with Marvel Entertainment and its associated celebrities/movie stars for a two-pronged campaign to help generate more daily active users and downloads in 2018 while raising awareness of the game to film-centric and celebrity fans via specialized social media campaigns.

It worked with select Marvel talent for social campaigns that promoted their characters in Marvel Contest of Champions through custom copy and assets. These characters appeared in the game as Super Heroes for players to collect and grow stronger as they played. Promotions went live around the talent’s respective film launch, which led to massive engagement and awareness of the game. 

Social content was not just the name of the game as Kabam delivered movie-themed content to Marvel Contest of Champions with the launch of two in-game events per film. These were monthly Event Quests with an original storyline inspired by the films and, depending on the talent utilized, a "Champion Challenge" where users fight in special quests against Marvel Champions personally chosen by the celebrities themselves. These challenges were for players from all skill levels to enjoy, and they are great avenues for expert gamers to stretch their abilities.

For social amplification, Kabam worked with Marvel talent to promote custom-branded content of Marvel Contest of Champions across major social channels.

For in-game events, the company coordinated with celebrity talent on custom in-game teams for players to fight in uniquely crafted levels specific to each Marvel talent.

In order to get media interviews, it worked with top entertainment outlets for exclusive interviews with Marvel talent on upcoming movie and Marvel Contest of Champions tie-in.

Kabam secured multiple pieces of game coverage in national entertainment media outlet Entertainment Weekly.

The Results

  • Reached over 26 million people.
  • Over 4 million views of the video assets posted
  • Over 2.5 million interactions (likes, comments, shares, etc.)

Key Takeaways

  • Work closely with select talent to create more personal and visually stimulating content.
  • Include photo shoots with character content, media interviews, fan prizing, personal call-to-action videos and Twitter takeovers.

This campaign won the Best App Download category in MediaPost's 2019 Appy Awards. 

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