LiveRamp Launches Solution For Publisher Ad Inventory Without Cookies

When LiveRamp learned that about 40% of ad-bid requests were processed without using browser cookies, dropping the CPM value for publishers by 98%, it developed a technology that relied on a people-based identifier, IdentityLink, which rolled out a couple of years ago.   

Last week the company launched assistance for cookieless-based ad inventory, in which third-party cookies cannot be dropped into browsers.

“Today, about 30% of the ad display inventory today is cookieless,” said Travis Clinger, VP of strategic partnerships at LiveRamp. “The primary browser is Safari, which doesn’t allow third-party cookies to be dropped.”

He said that now when someone goes to a publisher’s website from a Safari browser, a question box pops up asking for an email address in exchange for content, such as five free articles to read for the month. The message also states that the email address will be linked to LiveRamp’s IdentityLink graph to allow personalized advertising to serve up.



It connects the email address, anonymizes it and matches it to the graph and then passes LiveRamp’s anonymized people-based ID back to the publisher, which sits in the publisher’s cookie so a DSP can make a decision on the type of ad to serve. About 8 billion bid requests have an IdentityLink connected to it.

This technology refers to LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, a method of online ad targeting without cookie-based tracking.

This is when a consumer logs into a publisher’s site, signs up to their newsletter and gives their permission to provide them with content. It maps to LiveRamp’s IdentityLink graph.

Clinger said this is one of the last big pieces of the puzzle to match ads with consumers when cookies are not users, but new sources for inventory continually emerge.

“One thing we’ll focus on is looking at the next type of advertising to allow personalized targeting,” he said.

It all began about two years ago LiveRamp helped to form the Advertising ID Consortium, which kicked off the approach to upgrading the ad-tech infrastructure. The company connects first-, second- and third-party data to the inventory through the advertising ecosystem. Once consumers see the ads, the log traffic is sent back to the advertiser, so they can measure their campaigns.

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