Shoppers Plan To Use Mobile For In-Store Buying: Study

American consumers still want to see and touch products before buying. But they also want mobile interactions while doing so, according to a study by Shopkick, a provider of a shopping rewards app.

Of those polled, 84% plan to use their mobile devices while shopping in-store, usually to find deals and coupons and compare prices. And 50% plan to use their devices more frequently in 2020. These stats indicate that they will open emails delivered on mobile.

At the same time, 82% say physical interaction with a product will make them more likely to purchase.

But their habits will vary with age. Among boomers, 67% will do the majority of their shopping in stores, compared with 61% of Gen Z, 59% of Gen X and 57% of millennials. 

Despite a belief that they are less engaged that younger people, 75% of boomers plan to shop more frequently with retailers that align with their values. In contrast, 72% of Gen X will do so, compared to 70% of millennials and 68% of Gen Z.



Overall, 73% generations plan to shop more frequently at retailers that align with their core values, and 64% say they will spend more money at those retailers. 

But only 47% of boomers feel loyalty to brands, versus 64% of Gen Z.

Facebook is the most popular channel among age groups from millennials on up, although the majority of consumers don’t expect to shop on social platforms. Only Gen Z prefers Instagram.

“Consumers are more informed than ever before, resulting in very deliberate shopping decisions at retailers that can meet and exceed their expectations,” states David Fisch, general manager of Shopkick.

Shopkick surveyed 16,721 users.



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