Survey: Advanced TV Buying To Grow Sharply For OTT/CTV Platforms In 2020

Advanced TV advertising on OTT/connected TV platforms is being used by 66% of major brand advertisers to reach target audiences, according to a new survey from Comcast’s FreeWheel and Advertiser Perceptions.

The survey, from Comcast’s video advertising platform and the advertising researcher, came from over 300 marketers and agencies and was conducted in October 2019.

After OTT/CTV, addressable TV/advanced buying had a 57% use score by executives, with streaming full-episode players, also at 57%; audience-based linear TV at 56%; and 33% each for advanced TV buying on digital pay TV providers (virtual multichannel video program distributors, vMVPDs) and set-top-box video-on-demand.

Over the next 12 months, respondents gave OTT/CTV the best “optimism” score -- the percentage increase in spending minus percentage decrease --with a 59 number. Addressable TV was at 54, with streaming full-episode players at 45, audience-based linear TV at 28, vMVPDs at 27, and video-on-demand through set-top boxes at 17.



In other results, when it comes to extending reach, 69% of respondents say addressable TV was most likely to deliver incremental reach. The number was 66% for OTT/CTV, 59% for audience-based linear TV, 53% for streaming full-episode players, 30% for set-top-box video-on-demand and 18% for vMVPDs.

Nearly 70% of respondents say at least half of traditional linear TV advertising will be addressable within 5 years.

Almost 60% of respondents believe a full change to digital media “IP delivery of linear TV” will occur in 5 to 10 years, with 76% saying it will happen in 5 to 15 years.

When it comes to extending the reach of traditional TV, nearly 8 out of 10 respondents said they still turn to digital video most often to extend the reach of TV campaigns.

The expectation for 2020 is that audience-based TV buying will make gains on demographic-based TV buying on linear TV, increasing to a 47% share from 41% in 2019,  demographic TV buying dropping to 53% from 59%.

Advanced TV buying will see audience-based TV buying with a 55% share this year up from 47% a year ago, with demographic TV buying sinking to 45% from 53%.

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