BlueVenn Offers CDP-Powered Email Marketing Tool

BlueVenn, a customer data platform (CDP), has launched what it calls a CDP-powered email marketing channel within its automation engine.

The new tool allows brands to move beyond batch-and-blast and evolve “a multi-channel methodology powered by the true Single Customer View that a CDP provides,” states BlueVenn CEO Steve Klin.

BlueVenn had already been integrated with most marketing platforms through bi-directional connectors and API integrations, the company says.

These capabilities help firms use clicks, opens and other results to trigger next actions in other channels, it adds.

Users can combine email with online and offline channels, BlueVenn claims.

Multichannel marketers need CDP-powered email to “to elevate the personalization and accuracy of their campaigns,” states Chris Hares, vice president of engineering for BlueVenn.

Hares argues that email marketing platforms usually rely on “an email address as a unique identifier, which can present problems when a single customer has multiple email addresses, resulting in them appearing twice or more in a single campaign.”

Hares adds that the level of personalization can also be limited in these platforms because “it is notoriously difficult to use data and events from offline interactions and purchases within an email platform.”

The CDP-powered tool enables brands to “combine their email marketing with the analytics, segmentation and multi-channel campaign management undertaken within our software,” Hares continues. 

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