Chacka Marketing Launches Creative Services Practice

Long-time media agency Chacka Marketing on Wednesday announced the launch of a creative services division to augment its support in paid search, social media and display advertising.

“We’ve been frustrated waiting on the creative piece to run the media,” saidJanel Laravie, founder and CEO at Chacka Marketing. “We tried working with some outside creative agencies, but we still weren’t getting the assets as quickly as we would like. Every day you go without the creative asset is a day wasted.”

Creative Services sits within operations that work mostly with the Display group, but is available to Search and Social. Display will use the service more than search, Laravie said, because when it comes to search campaigns most assets are text-based except for product-based images and shopping.

The idea came to Laravie after observing a “big evolution” last year with some of the product launches by Google in Universal App Campaigns.



Budget, key performance indicators and creative are the only elements that marketers need to run a Universal App Campaign. So what value do agencies bring to Universal App Campaign,?, she asked before answering her own questions. It’s the creative piece, she said. A media agency best understands Google and how they optimize and run the campaigns.

The company began to play with the idea inNovember 2019. Conceptual services were initially offered only to existing digital media clients. Today Chacka formally introduced the service.

During the past four months, Chacka ran tests to optimize creative assets across five clients in November and December. This test allowed the digital media teams to validate the theory that leveraging creative into the digital media optimization process would drive greater returns for clients. Clients saw engagement rates increase as much as 5:1, while reach and impressions climbed. This allowed Chacka to reach more people at the same or reduced media spend levels, as effective cost per click dropped 39%.

“Creative is an area we’re looking to grow this year,” she said.

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