Adobe Debuts Tool For Classifying Unknown Website Visitors

Adobe has unveiled a feature that it says can enable brands to place unknown website visitors into segments and personas for use in personalized messaging across channels and devices.

The new tool, Predictive Audiences, can help marketers “classify website visitors into different categories to personalize on-site in real-time,” writes Liron Goren Snai in blog post on the Adobe site.

Liron Goren Snai adds that machine learning will “match an unclassified user’s propensities against an existing segment and predict which persona this user should most likely belong to based on the information the user shares.” 

In addition, an advertiser can classify unknown audiences by behavioral attributes for retargeting on ad platforms. And they can “separate customers based on where they are in their journey (discovery, engage, purchase, retain) to offer personalized offers that are relevant,” the post continues.

Sprint is one of several users that have tested Predictive Audiences.

“What this unlocks for Sprint is we have a model that’s ready and built the next day, there’s clear buckets of our users, there’s really no grey area of where a user might fall into, and then users are bucketed in real time to help address our onsite personalization needs,” states Kevin Day, martech manager at Sprint.




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