Humongous 1st-Party Platform Integrates With Google Data Hub, Enables 1-to-1 YouTube Matching

As part of a gold rush of companies developing solutions to deal with Google’s phase-out of cookie-based targeting, one of the world’s largest first-party consumer data platforms has integrated with Google, enabling brands to measure the performance of their ad campaigns.

Dynata, which boasts a panel of 62 million consumers worldwide, this week will announce an integration with Google’s Ads Data Hub, giving marketers and agencies the ability to measure exposure, awareness, lift and other attributes of campaigns running on YouTube.

While Google calls such Ads Data Hub partners “third-party” processors of what happens when first parties -- Google users -- are exposed to ads, Dynata says the integration enables direct matching of exposure to consumers in its first-party database.

“The reason we can do this is that our scale is so massive,” Steven Millman, senior vice president-research and operations at Dynata, explained during a briefing in advance of this week’s news.

He said the integration with Google will enable direct, “one-to-one” matching of consumers who have already given permission to Dynata access to their data for every device they have credentials on.

In many cases, he said, Dynata has access to each of the consumers web, app and TV viewing impressions, and many also provide in depth profiles of their product usage and media consumption behavior. That kind of data is not part of the agreement with Google, according to a Dynata spokesperson.

In addition, Dynata utilizes its panel to measure exposure, awareness and brand lift to the ads running on YouTube.

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