Carhartt Hard Hat Campaign Celebrates Laborers On Labor Day

Carhartt launched a Labor Day campaign Friday to highlight the millions of skilled jobs available across the United States.

The clothing manufacturer used 1,670 hard hats to represent 1.67 million job openings across construction, manufacturing, mining, logging, transportation, trade, and utilities, according to the June Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The bright yellow hard hats were displayed in the shape of the United States. The image was unveiled at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville, a city hard at work as one of America’s construction capitals.

“We plan to video and photograph the event -- create the visual to inspire others,” said Tony Ambroza, Carhartt chief brand officer. “Our founder Hamilton Carhartt taught us that every day is labor day. And especially on this day we just want to recognize these incredible folks.”



During a time when fluctuating employment and career changes present challenges, the campaign aims to call attention to opportunities in skilled trades. Providing support, Carhartt will donate all online sales from 7 a.m. to -7 p.m. EDT on Labor Day to SkillsUSA to help train the workforce of the future.

Based on historic online sales, Ambroza said the donation to SkillsUSA could amount to between “$200,000 and $250,000 if not more.”

The event is backed by a 30-second television spot — For Our Friends on Labor Day. Traditionally, the ads also run with search advertising and social campaigns.

“We typically do 6s, 15s, and 30s videos that run on various media platforms,” Ambroza said. “We fine tune the search to guide the person to, so they can explore search and buy from our store or a retail store that sells our products.”

Carhartt closes all stores on Labor Day to give those who labor a rest. It will close on the day this year, as it has in the past.

Ambroza said the marketing department plans to prove performance by monitoring sales, engagement and click through with ads, and calculate on return on ad spend.

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