Eyeota Integrates With ID5 For Identity, Privacy Verification

Audience tech platform Eyeota on Monday will announce the global integration of ID5’s Universal ID with its Audience Identity Resolution technology, which connects multiple IDs associated with a user, enabling marketers to access people-based audiences without third-party cookies.

This global integration with ID5, an identity company, is part of Eyeota’s larger data diversity initiative to ensure that its audience solutions remain flexible and addressable for brands and advertisers running campaigns across multiple channels.

It’s no surprise that the advertising industry continues to search for new ways to identify users with privacy in mind, said Mathieu Roche, CEO and co-founder at ID5.

“Three years ago no one was talking about identity and privacy, and it was like preaching in the desert,” Roche said. “Six months ago it became a fancy and timely subject. There has been a lot of noise and confusion with people jumping on the opportunity.”

Roche believes there will be between three and 10 identity frameworks that emerge in the market, but if companies want to conduct business globally they will need to speak the same language -- similar to the way most people use English, Spanish and Chinese to conduct business. There are a handful of identity frameworks that everyone will understand.

“It is more complex to have several compared with one,” he said. “But having more than one creates innovation and it’s good for competitive pricing. You don’t want hundreds, but you don’t want just one.”

While there are many types of emerging ways to protect consumer privacy, ID5 relies on the privacy-by-design framework because it provides an encrypted, first-party ID solution that enables publishers to identify all users, whatever browser they choose to use.

By integrating with ID5’s Universal ID, Eyeota improves the diversity of its audience solutions, enabling the identification of users in cookieless environments as well as the continued delivery of audiences at scale for brands and advertisers globally.

Eyeota’s Audience Identity Resolution technology now accepts new types of IDs for association with a user’s profile such as first-party cookies, mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) and hashed email addresses (HEMs). It also stores IDs provided by various ID graph suppliers like ID5’s Universal ID, which allows it to identify users across multiple platforms.

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