Consumers Expect To Shop More Online After COVID-19: Study

Consumers have changed their buying habits forever in response to COVID-19, according to the third annual Selligent Global Connected Consumer Index. 

Of the 5,000 individuals polled worldwide, 28% expect to shop more online than in person in the future. Another 39% will stick with both, and 24% can't wait to shop in-store

In another finding, 75% say their jobs and income have been harmed by COVID-19. Job losses have affected 79% of women compared to 71% of men. But 82% believe they will be employed again within six months to a year.  

Meanwhile, 58% feel remote work will be in their future. 

But while 56% plan to make new purchases to support this new lifestyle, they are cautious about non-essential spending, the report says. 

They also are nervous about their privacy — 64% say it is more important than the online experience. And that figure dropped ten points from the 2019 study

During this period, 55% unsubscribed from brand emails because they were getting too many. In addition, 20% opted out because it was too long since their last interaction with the brand, 13% because they never signed up and 10% out of loyalty to other brands.  

Of the consumers polled, 32% open from 1-25% of emails they receive. Another 26% open 25-50%, and 19% of respondents open 50-75%. Only 10% open 75-99% and a lowly 6% open everything.  

However, 76% welcome real-time mail or app updates on delays or change in shipping. 

Consumers in the following countries prefer email for purchase updates:  

  • North America — 57% 
  • Belgium — 72%
  • France — 56%
  • Germany — 51%
  • Italy — 56%
  • Netherlands — 65%
  • Spain — 53%
  • UK — 64% 

Among the generations, 69% of boomers prefer email for purchase updates, versus 64% of Gen Xers, 57% of millennial an 41% of Gen Z. 

In contrast, only 18% of boomers want mobile, compared to 29% of Gen Xers, 36% of the millennial cohort and 48% of Gen Z. 

In addition, the following percentages say email is their preferred way to contact customer service: 

  • North America — 28% 
  • Belgium — 50% 
  • France — 34% 
  • Germany — 36% 
  • Italy — 33% 
  • Netherlands — 36%
  • Spain — 21%
  • UK — 37%

Finally, 52% of consumers are spending most on digital and non-digital entertainment such as alcohol to fight boredom. 

In fact, one in five millennials is spending most of their non-discretionary funds on booze. Regionally, 27% of Americans prioritize alcohol, compared to 14% in Europe. 



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