Samsung Ads Launches Samsung Demand-Side Platform

Samsung Ads, the advanced TV advertising unit of the TV set manufacturer, is launching Samsung DSP, a self-serve demand-side platform.

The Samsung DSP (a demand-side platform) will give programmatic buyers access to exclusive CTV inventory, as well as offering targeted audiences and data from across 45 million households.

Advertisers can manage the campaign reach and frequency of linear TV, connected TV (CTV) and mobile and desktop.

Buyers can use Samsung Ads proprietary data and ad units alongside third-party audiences and inventory.

Samsung Ads has a large source of video data from “tens of millions of smart devices” -- both TV and mobile -- reaching what it says is more than 60% of the U.S. ACR (Automated Content Recognition) smart TVs and other devices.



In December of 2019, Vizio, a Samsung competitor, launched its own advertising sales division, built on its Vizio Inscape data unit, which allowed brands to manage reach and frequency and deduplicate audiences across OTT and linear buys.

Vizio doesn’t have its own DSP yet, but continues to build DSP partnerships. It is looking to be more of an open marketplace, according to one report, rather than a walled garden.

Last month, Vizio launched True Incremental Reach, which shows advertisers how many extra viewers they get when buying commercials directly from the TV set maker.

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