Google Ads Brings YouTube Into Attribution Reporting

Google has made its data-driven attribution model available to more advertisers and added YouTube to its Google Ads attribution reporting to help advertisers understand the role video plays in customers' path to purchase.

The news, announced Monday, also shared updates to Google’s lift measurement solutions, such as a new way to measure incremental conversions and an accelerated time frame to get results faster.

Attribution in Google Ads awards credit for conversions to different ads, clicks, and factors along the way, so marketers can focus investments on the media that has the biggest impact on results.

YouTube ads in attribution reports is now available in beta for eligible advertisers. Those eligible can see YouTube ads in the Top Paths, Assisted Conversions and Path Metrics reports, alongside Search and Shopping ads. Google also will incorporate Display into attribution reports in the coming months.



Bringing YouTube and Display into Attribution reporting will help advertisers identify how campaigns complement each other across channels.

Google also announced data-driven attribution that uses machine learning to assign credit to determine the amount of credit to assign to each ad. It continually analyzes conversion patterns and the incremental impact of ads by comparing the paths of those consumers who converted compared to those who did not.

This attribution model, however, requires a certain volume of data to build a precise model, but to make data-driven attribution available to more advertisers, Google has lowered the data requirements.

With this change, each conversion action in an advertiser’s Google Ads account that has at least 3,000 ad interactions and at least 300 conversions within 30 days becomes eligible.

Lastly, Conversion Lift -- now available in beta -- will measure the incremental lift in conversion actions from YouTube ads.

This builds on the existing Search Lift, an increase in searches on Google and YouTube, and Brand Lift, an increase in brand awareness and consideration.

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