Screenvision Continues Expansion Beyond Cinema, Strikes Deal With Medical Waiting Room Network Outcome Health

Screenvision, a place-based video advertising network operator whose roots are in cinema screens, continues to expand into locations and venues that aren't so challenged by social gathering during a pandemic.

In its latest deal, it will become the national sales representative for "non-endemic" brands advertising on Outcome Health's "waiting room" network.

The network, located in the waiting rooms of doctor's offices, clinics, examining rooms, and drug infusion rooms, normally features ads from pharmaceutical and wellness brands, but Screenvision is expected to introduce new categories more akin to its traditional cinema advertising network, such as automotive, tourism, state lotteries, media and entertainment, travel and leisure, etc.

A Outcome Health spokesperson noted that any media and entertainment content will be "family-friendly tune-in only," in keeping with the fact that waiting rooms aren't always adult-only venues.



The partnership, which is being unveiled today at the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association's (DPAA) annual conference, follows similar sales representation extensions that Screenvision has moved into. Earlier this year, it announced a deal to represent sales for Volta's screen network located on electric car charging stations.

“Cinema will always be core to our business," Screenvision CEO John Partilla said in a statement, adding, however that deals like Outcome Health's reflect a "strategic opportunity" for Screenvision to "provide brands with more opportunities to connect with a highly engaged audience where they live, work, play, shop and even during heath and wellness visits."

The deal does not include Outcome Health's endemic health advertising categories, including pharmaceutical, hospital healthcare, and pharmacy brands.

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