Will Sorrell's Soon-To-Be Ex Have A Say In S4 Capital?

The U.K. papers were buzzing with reports this weekend about S4 Capital chief Martin Sorrell’s pending divorce from second wife Christiana Falcone.

The Sunday Times quoted her saying she felt she had “lost” her own identity as the wife of ad tycoon Sorrell — and wants to move forward and “fast.”

An economist by training, one of the things she intends to do is rekindle her career, which she indicated to the Times had been overshadowed in recent years by her marriage.

Up until recently, she was an advisor to the World Economic Forum. And she’s held a number of prestigious board positions, including seats on the Viacom and Revlon boards.

A major question that could have an impact on S4 is whether Sorrell’s marriage to Falcone is bound by a prenuptial agreement and what it says, if anything, about any right she might have to a piece of the business.  

None of the reports this weekend appeared to have the answer.

Stay tuned.




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